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Greetings!My name is Ace Rover! I am currently part of the furry fandoms (FURSUITING) (2004 - current). As you can see I have a character named Ace Rover.I created him back sometime in 1998 and created my fursuit (built by Mixed Candy and finished in November of 08).

I am into fursuits as you already can figure out!

I have been to 4 cons so far and that was FWA 2007,Megaplex 2008,Megaplex 2009 (Christmass in July)MP 10 and will be at MP 11.

This journal is for rants,sharing stories,cries for help when needed,and just things in general.

****** On a side note If you add me and I don't know you and also if no one comments I'll have you removed.I hate to do that! And do respect my feelings about certain topics.I get depressed easily if someone leaves a rude or offensive comment. *******
Absoulutely NO stalkers!