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You know I've been thinking about this fandom for a long time and the things that are happening.

The issues:
`Bad communication
`cliques (you have your own group and ignore newcommers)
`popufurs or people who claim to be popular for certain reasons
`young people joining wanting fursuit sex and all
`gamers not saying anything to you yet you call them a friend
`adults acting like kids
`sex hungry furs
`turning a blind eye to someone who needs help (saying you would be there for someone at a time of need and when that need comes that said person isn't there)
`people blocking and removing others without a reason
`MLP invasion (It's a young girl's show so why should adults be liking it? You want bronies? Keep it in your own fandom!)
`people using others as a doormat baggage dump
`furs here on Facebook adding others for numbers and not true friendship

Anything else I'm missing here?


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